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Here are some frequently asked questions for Blue WhatsApp Plus. Clear your doubts if you have any, or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Blue WhatsApp Plus and using it may raise some questions in your mind. Have a look below.

Yes, Blue WhatsApp Plus Messenger is absolutely safe to use.

Both the modified WhatsApp messengers use the same base and codes. Both are good.

Unfortunately no. But, you will receive a notification while using the app for any update available.

This feature is due to be implemented. However, you can make local backups.

You can verify you account with the phone number with an OTP.

Yes, you can transfer your old chats to Blue WhatsApp Plus.

You can uninstall Blue WhatsApp Messenger anytime.

It is as simple as using the official WhatsApp Messenger, just a few features have been added.

As the name suggests, this version comes with a blue theme and some added features.

Unfortunately no, as this is a modified application you need to download the APK file seperately.

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If you have any further questions or doubt then feel free to contact us and ask anything related to Blue WhatsApp Plus.