Like most people, you probably use WhatsApp to message your friends and family. But what if there were a way to make your messaging experience even better? Well, there is! Blue WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of the regular WhatsApp app with tons of cool features. So if you’re looking for an upgrade, check out Blue WhatsApp Plus!

The features of Blue WhatsApp Plus are unique, and you get to text people not on your contact list by just typing the number from the menu and sending a message. There are many cool features, like sending messages to more than 100 people at once or sending more than 30 images to a single person or group.

If you’re one of the many people who can’t live without WhatsApp, you’ll be glad to know a new version has just been released. It’s called Blue WhatsApp Plus, and it offers some great new features. So far, it seems to be getting good reviews from users. If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s how to get it.

For many of us, WhatsApp is an essential app on our phones. We use it to chat with family and friends, share photos and videos, set up group chats for events or outings, etc. But what if you could have access to more features and even send animated gifs in your messages? Well, now you can! Introducing: Blue WhatsApp Plus! This new version of the messaging app includes tons of cool features that will make using it even better than before. Check out this blog post for all the details about how to get started with this significant new update!

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It’s simple to use and a lot of fun. But did you know there’s a particular version of WhatsApp called Blue WhatsApp Plus? Blue WhatsApp Plus App has some great features that regular WhatsApp doesn’t have. The application is a modded version of the official WhatsApp Messenger by Meta developed by mhdm, a famous Android modder.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

The modded Android has some beautiful features to explore. While it is a modified application from WhatsApp with choices usually not available in the official WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize WhatsApp according to your wish.


So, you’ve just downloaded the new Blue WhatsApp Plus app. You excitedly open it up, disappointed that it looks exactly like the regular WhatsApp app you’ve used for months. What’s the point of downloading a new app if it doesn’t do anything differently? Wrong question! Blue WhatsApp Plus is not just another copycat of the original WhatsApp. It has some great features that set it apart from other messaging apps – and we want to share them with you. Keep reading to find out what makes Blue WhatsApp Plus so unique! So let’s have a look!

Fast and Stable

Blue WhatsApp Stability

One of the smoothest and fastest modded WhatsApp you will ever use.

Backup & Restore

Blue WhatsApp Chat Backups

You can backup your chats and media and restore them on another device.

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze your last seen and check other’s last seen activity without hiding your own.


Custom Scrollers

Custom Scrolling Buttons

You can use any scroller in your user interface.

Blue WhatsApp allows you to change the scroller and customize the application interface according to your choice.

You can also automatically change the scroller by installing the theme store themes.

Robust package

New Package name

You can use the official WhatsApp application along with this. Also, you can use WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and iOS WhatsApp on the same device.

All these modified WhatsApp messengers have different codenames, which enable you to use them simultaneously.


Customization Options

Customize your home screen or your chat window.

Blue WhatsApp is just like WhatsApp Plus; you can change the themes, icons, wallpapers, etc.

Select from a wide range of icons and style your WhatsApp Messenger.

You can also back up your current WhatsApp customization and restore it later.

Exotic Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus has some exotic features that no one can offer. You can modify the colours and the themes of the WhatsApp app, and you can use the internet on the phone with all applications except WhatsApp, so no one bothers you. Blue WhatsApp allows you to close chats with a secret word, customize the privacy for every conversation, or generally see the deleted chats you are talking to. Also, you can prevent deleted messages and receive notifications if anyone deletes a message.

You can disable the voice call if anyone disturbs you by calling WhatsApp. As the name suggests, you get a Blue WhatsApp Plus version along with the following features:

  • Hide online activity.
  • One-click DND mode.
  • Separate Chats and Group windows.
  • Option to select “Who Can Call You.”

Apps Screenshots

Check out some screenshots of the action in Blue WhatsApp Plus.

Download Now

Interested? Then don’t hesitate to download it and enjoy the features of Blue WhatsApp Plus.

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Lock With PIN/Pattern

Hide Contact Profile Picture

Send the Image In Full Resolution

Send More Than 10 Images At Once

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Set Chat Background Image

100+ Languages Supported

More Like Original WhatsApp

Theme Store Available

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Send Video Above 30MB

Change Language

Conversation Cards

Home Screen Mods

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How To Install the Blue WhatsApp Plus App

1. Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Download and save it in the internal storage of your Android Smartphone.

2. Enable third-party installations

Go to Settings > Security > enable third-party app installations.

3. Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Go back to the download folder and install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

4. Verify with your number

Follow the instructions on the screen and verify them with your phone number.

Final Words

Blue WhatsApp Plus is worth checking out whether you’ve been looking for a way to make your WhatsApp experience even better or are simply curious. This modified version of the original Whatsapp Messenger includes several new features apart from standard messaging apps on Android and iOS devices. One handy feature in this app is creating group chats with up to 256 people, which makes coordinating big projects more effortless than ever before. If you like what you have seen, we recommend downloading Blue WhatsApp Plus now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your doubts and confusion on how to install Blue WhatsApp Plus.

1. How can I download it from the Google Play store?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp developed by mhndm and is not available to download from the Google Play Store.

2. Is it safe to download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

The file has been scanned online and with Antivirus software before sharing it with the public.

3. Is Blue WhatsApp Plus similar to WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, Blue WhatsApp Plus is similar to WhatsApp Plus and other modded WhatsApp applications with some added features.

4. Can I send messages to blocked contact?

No, this feature is not yet implemented in Blue Whatsapp Plus. However, we will look into it in future.

5. How to update Blue WhatsApp Plus?

You will get an update notification in the app itself when there is an update.